problems with updating iphone - Radioactive dating methods contribute to the study of evolution

Approximately 10% of fat cells are renewed annually at all adult ages and levels of body mass index.Neither adipocyte death nor generation rate is altered in early onset obesity, suggesting a tight regulation of fat cell number in this condition during adulthood.

On the other hand, basing one’s ideas on the Bible gives a very different picture.

The Bible states that man was made six days after creation, about 6,000 years ago.

presents what it claims is evidence for vast time spans.

This is graphically illustrated in a chart on pages 36–37: man’s existence is in such a tiny segment at the end of a 5-billion-year time-line that it has to be diagrammatically magnified twice to show up.

However, the number of fat cells stays constant in adulthood in lean and obese individuals, even after marked weight loss, indicating that the number of adipocytes is set during childhood and adolescence.


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