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In both this section of the interface as well as the Island layout you will be able to see a preview of changes that will occur by clicking on "next week", providing changes have been ordered.The customization tab requires you to enter your bank pin to access.It will allow you to add decor to your clan's Citadel, such as fountains and hedges, which can be placed at certain spots within your area.

However, note that any and all changes you order will only take effect at the next build tick, which occurs weekly, and choices are limited by your Citadel's Tier.

If the clan falls below a total of five members, the Citadel will become inaccessible until it once again regains a minimum membership of five.

However, all that hard work pays off as your Citadel will improve and remain an awesome place to hang out!

Once a Citadel has been created, members of the clan can join it by stepping through the portal in the Clan Camp.

The surplus will be partially lost at the tick, dependent on the Tier.