Sea full of fish dating

About 80 percent of the population lives by the shore.

In many conversations with Ly Son residents, they proudly reveal their ancestors’ adventurous explorations in the Paracel Islands, dating back as far back as the 18th century.

The conflicts over fishing rights to the Paracels accelerated in 2001, when China first denied Ly Son fishermen access to what they regard as their own ancestral fishing grounds and imposed a seasonal fishing ban.

Over the past several years, archaeologists have discovered fragments of 18th century ceramic ware and stone statuary about 3 kilometers from Ly Son.

As Professor Edyta Roszko, an anthropologist from Durham University, argues in a recent book chapter on Ly Son, due to China’s repeated confiscation of Ly Son’s fishing vessels and harassment of their nearly 3,000 fishermen, this volcanic island has become an historic symbol for “defending sovereignty” and “a destination for (Vietnamese) tourists eager to show their solidarity with the islanders who bore the brunt of the defense of the nation’s sovereignty” in historic battles.

Beijing’s land reclamation project is undermining the ecological connection between the Spratly Islands and the South China Sea, choking off the supply of nutrients upon which these ecosystems depend. Nguyen Linh Ngoc, deputy minister of natural resources and environment, we discussed the importance of enhancing cooperation for sustainable development, especially in climate change adaptation, food security, energy security, and water resources security.