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Using security groups to assign permissions means the access control on resources remains fairly static and easy to control and audit.

Users who need access are added or removed from the appropriate security groups as needed, and the access control lists change infrequently.

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The group is often named after the role, such as the Windows 2000 built-in groups for Account Operators, Administrators, and Backup Operators Personnel who naturally belong on the same project or department mailing list probably belong in the same security group in Active Directory.

Windows 2000 security groups have a secondary role as mailing lists, so this analogy is not a coincidence.

The engineers on a software project need access to the common source directories. Note that the system has to determine all of a user's universal and global group affiliations at logon time.

When a user is a member of many groups, this has some impact on performance while the system determines all the group memberships.

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