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But the way the media is portraying it, Ebersol is the only significant parent in this boy's life and that the accomplishments and status of Saint James is negligible and not worthy of mentioning. Media often cut women out of the picture, even when the story is about them.

So when it comes to a show like , which I agree is intelligently written, we definitely have the right to say to the networks, if we feel so motivated, that the female characters on the show have much more interesting assets than the ones displayed so prominently in their bikinis.

The men on the show sometimes appear without their shirts, but it's usually as part of the action (digging a hole in the sand or carrying wood or whatever), and the men on the show are there to do something, to be something, they are markedly more than glorified good-butt-jeans models.

Yet she was also a caring (if hopelessly flawed) mother deeply protective of her daughter's welfare.

except, of course, for those times when she shot her, framed her, etc.

I could understand the newsworthiness of this story.