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Emails are sent the next day (or a phone call if you do not have email) to notify you of your matches.

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*No Show - If you have pre-paid and you do not show for the event; without prior notice before the event begins that you are unable to attend, absolutely no credit given and you will be charged full price to register to attend another event.

those that are interested in keeping in touch with you, will indicate that on the Speed Dating selection sheet.

This will be the most valuable way to making your assessment. Please note - If you do not want your contact cell number or email given out, then we must know ahead of time in writing directly from you.

7 in Heaven will also let you know (the first names only no contact info) of those that choose you on your sheet. YES, you can let us know if you changed your mind about someone, and I will update the matches and give you their contact information too.

That means EVERY reason, regardless of whether it was because you choose no one; or no one choose you.