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But this was the first time it was tried at Dalhousie within the research community. Making connections Evaluations showed that 100 per cent of the respondents felt the event met their expectations and that they would come to another similar event.When asked if they had made a connection that could lead to a new research collaboration, 87 per cent said “yes” and 97 per cent said the event had increased their knowledge about neuroscience research in the BRC, at Dalhousie and other organizations.The BRC is a multidisciplinary collaboration linking more than 100 world-class researchers and physicians specializing in groundbreaking treatments and technologies in the field of brain repair. But BRC members are spread over Dalhousie, Halifax and other locations.

All of their participants were real singles whose sole motivation for participation in the study was to find a real-life romantic or sexual mate.

Participants went on a series of 3-minute dates and indicated whom they would like to see again.

“Researchers have a tendency to be somewhat insulated,” he says.

“The plan for this BRC event was to bring people together more.

Finding collaborators “The idea was to provide an opportunity to hear about ongoing research, find potential collaborators and to be a catalyst for research among the hospital-university communities both here and across Atlantic Canada.” So the BRC’s Research and Education Committee came up with the idea of a speed networking event, where, like speed dating, attendees could meet more people, make more contacts and generate more ideas in one short time span.