Tom cruise dating cher

It took the couple about two decades to come clean about their relationship, when Cher went on "Good Morning America" and said Cruise "was not a Scientologist when they were seeing each other" and continued on to describe him as "just the most adorable man you can imagine."Before Tom had to reportedly audition ladies for the part, Cher was his main squeeze. Back in the mid '80s and before he became a huge star, the two were going strong. And I was so crazy about him," said the iconic singer in 2008. "He told me she never talked to him back in school, but now he was recognised he got all her attention.

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The ex-wife of Sonny Bono, now 61, confirmed rumours that she had dated the 45-year-old pint-sized star in the 80s, despite their huge age gap.

Cher told Good Morning American today that Top Gun star Cruise was not a Scientologist when they were seeing each other and described him as "just the most adorable man you can imagine". Celebrity couplings don't get much odder than that ...

The mum-of-two is also due to appear as a presenter at the Grammy Awards on Sunday.

Our friends at look back at the most random celeb couples ever. Tom Cruise and Cher, 1985 In 2008, Cher admitted to both Oprah and David Letterman that she and Tom Cruise dated sometime after “Risky Business” (1983) but before “The Color of Money” (1986).

Reflecting on their affair, she said it could have been a "great big romance" if they hadn't been forced apart by their filming schedules. They are thought to have met at a White House fund-raising event in the mid- eighties when he was basking in the success of his hit film Risky Business.


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