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Of course, there is no issue with exchanging full body photos after contact has been made (hopefully it is not the first thing that he request) but initially you want to make sure that he is interested for the right reasons.

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Now I know women don’t like this but the truth is we have to stop acting desperate.

When I was dating, it never mattered to me if I stopped talking to a man or a man stopped talking to me…for whatever reason we didn’t work and it didn’t matter to me who saw it first.

Stop being afraid for a man to walk away if he doesn’t like who you are.

You are not just looking for a body to lay next to you at night.

Attraction is extremely important but when looking for a long term mate it is more important for them to connect to you because of who you are.


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    Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. is a very short “book” on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a way to tag and identify objects over varying ranges, and how to use Arduino to create a few interesting RFID projects.

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