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Uninstall the drivers from control panel with the exception of ATI drivers.

If you have ATI run the new installer, uninstall the old drivers, reboot, and then use Driver Sweeper.

After you install graphics drivers re-run the Windows Experience Index assessment.

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NVIDIA: Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers INTEL: Utility DRIVER SWEEPER: Use Driver Sweeper if you are updating some drivers.

Driver Sweeper is a program that will remove leftovers from key drivers, namely graphics and sound.

I have tried updating with steam, then AMD's site, and then HP's site for my specific model.

INTRO: Drivers instruct Windows exactly what hardware you have and what it does, along with any specific features. Note the chipset and BIOS type/date then close the summary window.

This will most likely be sound and display, but the app is updated and some more support will come for other bits of hardware.