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Pay Pal promotes using prepaid Money Pak cards (a Green Dot brand), which have a $5 fee and let you put a minimum of $20 on them.

You can also give funds to a trusted friend who can send funds from their Pay Pal account to your Pay Pal account through Pay Pal.

I was considering the purchase of a reliable pre-paid CC/Visa & came across the Vanilla Visa that this thread recommends, so I researched it & just wanted to give my opinion on my findings as they are not good at all. You start off as a new user with 1 karma and gradually over time you will start to earn karma.

I read so many comments that were negative I could not see this card being an option for me ever. Doing things like confirming your email and adding extra profile info will get you more karma.

Do your own research but I have my own conclusion & answer. By looking at someone's karma, you will not get an idea of their cleverness. You can earn 15 karma if someone thumbs up your answer to a question.