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updating sql database from a listbox-16

Connection = null; Ole Db Data Adapter data Adapter = null; //--------------------------------- SQLQuery. Connection = database; data = new Data Table(); data Adapter = new Ole Db Data Adapter(SQLQuery); data Adapter.

Fill(data); //you now have a full data table // now just loop through the data and add the rows to //the list box this just looks through the table for each row, //and if the row has an entry in the column "a Column" //they are added to the list box. the problem with the multiselect thing is this: if there was only one selected item i could create a tableadapter than bind it easily to the listbox.

thanks to "Diamonddrake" now i can populate my listbox.

for just info this will be my query: I am glad I could help. It can make things simpler, but its better to write the code, that way you really know whats happening, so you can understand it, and alter it as necessary.

Introduction Today, I have provided an article showing how to display SQL table data in a List Box in ASP. In this article, we create a table in a SQL Server database and drag a List Box control on the aspx page in ASP. After that we create a connection string object to connect to the database with the application and read data from the database using the select command.