Updating the deployment share

This script can be used to automate replication of the Linked Deployment share but this will recreate the Win PE boot disks each time also.

updating the deployment share-5updating the deployment share-9

The share permissions are “Everyone | Full Control” in line with Microsoft Best Practice.

I have removed the “Users” NTFS permissions and replaced them with Read / Execute permissions for an MDT specific account. If you have been following this series then the wizard should be familiar to you.

We can then replicate the content by right clicking the deployment share and selecting “Replicate Content”.

The replication will immediately start and the amount of time taken will depend on the amount of content you have, speed of link and hardware resources available.

Creation of the Linked Deployment Share is relatively simplistic and is achieved by right clicking the Linked Deployment Shares node in the Advanced Configuration section of the Deployment Workbench GUI and selecting “New Linked Deployment Share”.