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If your SUS server machines is running additional services or the available network capacity is less than the server network card capacity, you will need to adjust this guidance to reflect your situation.There are essentially three options, depending on the number of Windows XP systems to be updated using your SUS server (if you have one or a few SUS servers) and the topology of your SUS implementation (if you have many SUS servers): For the first (no action necessary) option, it is recommended that the SUS administrator monitor the server load when the update is first approved and for the first hour of the work day or first work shift after the Windows XP SP2 update has been approved.

The limited-time approval technique works by limiting the number of SUS clients that see the Windows XP SP2 update on the list of approved updates when they contact the SUS server on any given day while this technique is in use, thereby controlling the number of clients that are serviced per day and limiting the server load and additional network overhead (retry attempts, etc.).

The third set of options works by limiting the bandwidth used by the SUS implementation, thereby controlling the load on the server and the network.

Microsoft strongly urges customers with Windows XP and Windows XP Service Pack 1-based systems to update to Windows XP SP2 as soon as possible.

As a best-practice approach to implementing a managed rollout of Windows XP SP2, customers are encouraged to use a corporate update management solution such as Systems Management Server (SMS) 2003 or Software Update Services (SUS).

You may monitor the SUS server using performance counters or the Task Manager and increase the length of the approval windows if you determine the load on your SUS server is not high.


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