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Finding singles online was never easy but Mate4took a revolutionary step in online dating and made dating available to all with 100% free dating service.

We have thousands of adult singles, men, women, boys, girls from all over the world.

Us online dating industry

Now free dating is not at all a dream, we are here with state of art functionalities, better and refine searches that give wide range of options to know your soul mate better.

Every day thousands of singles use Mate4to find their online match and our dating community is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. The whole idea of making this dating website was to offer a unique and exclusive dating service for the needy one.

As soon as someone registers with us, it goes for activation and our spam control team manually examines personals and as soon as they find something fishy, it's blocked.

More than 20,000 fraud personals have been blocked so far and on an average we block more than 35 personals daily.

And if you're a Nigerian artist, then you're welcome to promote your Naija hits to be!


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