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Browse Amazon best sellers: The first check you should do is to see that the category exists for your product. Having several companies within an existing market validates that people are spending money on this type of product, and that it’s big enough to support multiple players.

If your product is something fairly new, looking through the list of top sellers can still be useful.

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A mother loves her newborn child without reservation, and romantic love, in its first stages of infatuation, can make the beloved seem perfect.

But most of us doubt that love without reservation, love completely forgiving and accepting, exists in our everyday lives.

Let’s take a look at six approaches you can take to help you check the viability of your business idea, along with ideas to help you build a list of customers that are ready to buy when you launch.

Amazon is an excellent source of information because it gives you information on what’s already selling in the real world.

No projections or guesswork around whether it will sell or not; you’ll see it for yourself.