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As therapist and co-dependency expert Darlene Lancer discusses how when one partner has substance abuse issues the other partner may have codependency issues.[9] Codependency, which may itself be considered a disorder, occurs when one person becomes so dedicated to the needs of another person (such as a substance abuser) that his or her identity largely becomes tied into the caregiving and rescuing role in that relationship. [21] “Relapse Rates for Drug Addiction are Similar to Those of Other Well-Characterized Chronic Illnesses.” (July 2008).

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One obvious concern is that a drug abuser in therapy is advised to focus on himself and the recovery process rather than couple up in a new relationship.

Dating someone in the rehab environment, be it a fellow recovering person or a staff member (certainly an anomaly) begs the question: Is the drug abuser simply substituting the pleasurable feelings of drugs with the pleasurable feelings of a new relationship?

The early phases of treatment, such as detox and maintenance, are intensive and require considerable personal dedication.

For this reason, addiction specialists agree that it is not a good idea to begin a “rehab romance” with someone in, or affiliated with, the treatment program.

Is the new relationship a conscious or unconscious strategy to avoid the personal work rehab requires?