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But presumably you’re going to have to spend a lot more time there. So what was it like then, shooting a big Hollywood blockbuster?

But it's the pleasing nature of the two young central characters that gives the film its heart and its ballast. DAVID: Well, it follows so much after the rather dubious end of the TWILIGHT SAGA, the last two or three episodes, which were dire, I thought and so now we have yet another presumably new franchise starting with the human and the supernatural being getting together but what distinguishes this, as you say, is a very witty script. DAVID: And the library has banned half the books, including Slaughterhouse Five and so on and so on.

I very much like the way this small town is established. The local cinema shows films that are already out on DVD. I liked all that setting and the performances by the two youngsters are really good.

“We’ve always told stories, and to be able to do it on this level is kind of amazing.

Being a part of that in any way was always fascinating to me.” TRIPLE-HEADER: While Englert participated in short films growing up, she got her big start in three feature-length movies virtually back-to-back, including this month’s “At this stage I actually just thought they were insane, because it was a huge-budget film and I was just a small indie person.

She's the niece of one of the oldest families in town and she has strange powers, which doesn't seem to phase Ethan one bit.


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