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R22, didn't we decide that was probably Clay's friend Jesse Vargas with him and Rosie?

The description fits and it was just before Rosie's last cruise which Jesse was playing piano on.

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His "date" with Waddingham was a two minute walk between gigs, not an attempt at bearding. Give us all one of his beards, one of these many girlfriends he's had over the last few years to try to convince the public he's straight.

Not friends or faghags, a woman he's actually passed off as a girlfriend. Saw him having dinner in the theater district with Rosie one night after the show...

His PR people are trying to make it look like he's dating the 500 year old chick playing the Lady in the Lake, going so far as taking pics of them on a "date" together, which even the entertainment press laughed at. Nobody is trying to make it seem like Clay is dating Hannah Waddingham.

That male cast is damn ugly, one of the worst on Broadway, but I seriously doubt any of those queens would go near that fat, Manhunt-trolling mess. Go back and look at the BI, unless you know something more, about which you should spill, the play is not mentioned. They were photographed walking back from the Easter Bonnet competition where they had just performed, to the Shubert where they were due to perform that night.

I didn't say he isn't closeted, I said he doesn't beard.


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