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Then Amber says it aloud that she is going to be singing with Hannah Montana on Singing with the Stars and asks everybody if they want to hear her song. But Amber tells her to stop and she begins to sing.

Everybody sees that she has a great voice and then Lilly and Miley come up with a plan to make Amber be humiliated on t.v.

Then Miley helps Sarah Change Amber and Ashley plans for the day by telling the reporter that Amber and Ashley were going to buy clothes for the needy, then and serve soup at the soup kitchen with Sarah.

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Lily and Miley then give the Hannah money to Sarah cause she seems to be doing charity for the right reasons.

Amber and Ashley brought in the most money cause Oliver bragged how Sarah was going to bring in more money then them.

Jackson steals Miley's wig when he gets home so the ventriloquist dummy can be a little pop star.

9 February 2007There is a show called Singing With the Stars, and whoever wins, will sing with Hannah Montana. She then goes into the bathroom and Miley says that she would make sure that Amber didn't win.

26 November 2006Miley's school raises money for the United People Releif Fund.