Who is kelli pickler dating

They used to talk on the phone for several hours about nothing.

She used to take a lot of anti-depressant before she met him, but, totally stopped those after he came into her life.

She wanted to marry him after being with him for just one year, but, she waited as she did not want to jump into any decision.

Even after she met his parents in 2006-2007, her relationship with them was not very good.

Then, when it came to the deciding what Christmas song to record for the 2016 snow globe the decision was easy…it had to be “White Christmas.”After purposefully calling her Kellie “Pichler” to poke fun at his recent name-announcement mishap, Harvey hilariously segued into discussing the app that helps Kellie and Steve with the pronunciation and definition of new vocabulary.

The two larger-than-life personalities took turns taking a stab at different words while the live audience erupted with laughter.

When she broke up with Tootoo, she said that she knew the relationship was not working with him long before the break up.