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She has recorded several tracks with PMG including Toy Boy (Reloaded) and a brand new song entitled, The Day You Said Goodbye.

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Sinitta began recording in 1983, releasing her first single, "Break Me Into Little Pieces" with dance troupe, Hot Gossip.

That same year, she also appeared in the video of "Rock the Boat" sung by Forrest.

SAW did work with Sinitta later however, and her first single with the Hit Factory was "Toy Boy".

In his book, Cowell takes credit for the song idea for "Toy Boy", coining the phrase "toy boy", which described older women dating younger men.

As the 1990s opened, Sinitta proved less popular, with all her single releases between 19 failing to chart in the Top 20 of the UK chart: "Lay Me Down Easy" (Number 88 - December 1989), "Hitchin' a Ride" (Number 24 - April 1990), "Love and Affection" (Number 62 - September 1990), "Shame Shame Shame" (Number 28 - July 1992) and "The Supreme EP" (Number 49 - April 1993).


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