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I get an error saying the compiler cannot find the time received on column quests.

It worked before I added this, and I'm not sure why this would make a difference.

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SQL file that is bundled with this portrait package.

Go download the zip version: Go to your "documents" folder - Go to "Start Menu" - Go to "Documents" - Look for a "Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition" or "Baldur's Gate II - Enhanced Edition" folder - Open the BGEE or BGIIEE folder - Right click - Create a new folder and name it "portraits" - Open the zip file you downloaded (ie the Portrait Pack) - Open the override folder in the zip file - Copy these image files into the new "portraits" folder you created - You should now be able to use the custom portraits with no issue.

To rectify this I created found all the source images and resized the original source images using Photoshop’s best algorithm for reduction. I attempted to convert all the most popular portraits from the original Ultimate Portrait Pack - however a few source images I was not able to find.

Besides that I added tons of new portraits not in the last portrait packs.

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