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Alien still returns to the show as a guest promoting his other works as an actor or singer.

Huang chose his English name "Alien" because he hopes to be an indefinable and unique character, just like aliens are, full of creativity and not confined to normality.

His debut Asia concert tour G·host Tour 2012 also took towards the end of the year, starting in Taiwan on his birthday (28 November) and continuing to Hong Kong and Singapore.

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He is the founder and designer of AES (Alien Evolution Studio), a popular clothing brand which he first established in 2008.

He has also published three illustration books in which he expresses ideas and emotions through his writing and drawings in a creative and unique way. His paternal grandfather was originally from Shanghai.

They released their debut single "We Are Friends"《我們是朋友》, but disbanded not long afterwards.

In 2003, he became part of the boy band Cosmo, but due to a problem with the contract of one of the members, Richard(綠茶), they disbanded after releasing their debut album《關東煮》.

He also put his hosting talents to use by serving as the MC of all major events held at school.